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Cee’s Black & White Challenge: Small Subjects

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Originally posted on Cee’s Photography:

I’m proud to announce our featured bloggers from our Big Subjects topic.  Please check out their posts, they are worthy of a second look.  ENJOY!

022614 b&wFeatured Bloggers

Drawing the Light – What a wonderful design these cooling towers are and they are huge too.

Mittened Hands – I adore photography of photographers and their perspective is perfection.


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Short walk around my town….(Jo’s MW)

Originally posted on PRIORHOUSE blog:

For a while now I have wanted to participate in “Jo’sMonday Walk”  Today’s the day!

So will you join me for a short walk around my town as I share four things? 

First, my friend Karin emailed me a photo of the house that she and her new husband are building. But first, let me show you where they got married back in 2008 – it was at this cool chapel at U or R:

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Originally posted on NBC Sports Pressbox:

NBC to Broadcast Super Bowl XLIX from Arizona, Divisional Playoff & Wild Card Game in 2014 Postseason

STAMFORD, Conn. – April 22, 2014 – For the first time since acquiring the Sunday Night Footballpackage in 2006, NBC will televise an NFL Divisional Playoff game this upcoming season and each season thereafter through 2022, per NBC Sports Group’s…

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Originally posted on danspace77:



Image Credit & Copyright: NASA ESA Hubble & Chandra Space Telescopes. CLICK image for larger view and look below for information and links.

What causes this ghostly appearance to barred spiral galaxy ESO 137-001? Is it melting from the heat of all of the stars within it?…..Obviously not. Is it being a good boy and sprouting a tail…

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Originally posted on The Quotidian Hudson:

It is earth day today. It seems to me that it has become very commercial and has lost its original impetus. I may just be cranky due to lack of sleep so don’t quote me.

On Sunday when I was down at South Ferry and Battery Park, the fishermen were out in force.


This little beauty was 33″


Not a bad view while you wait…RSJohnson_Hudson_1404200022

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April 23 is National Picnic Day

Originally posted on Foodimentary - National Food Holidays:

PicnicFood Interesting Food Facts about Picnic
  1. Did you know that a “picnic” ham is really not a true ham? It is cut from the upper part of the foreleg of a pig – a true ham is cut from the hind leg.
  2. Italy’s favourite picnic day is Easter Monday. It is called “Angel’s Monday” or Pasquetta (“Little Easter”).
  3. After an ant has visited your picinc,…

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‘Faking It’: Are you on board with MTV’s faux lesbians?

Originally posted on PopWatch:

[ew_image url=”” credit=”MTV” align=”left”]

What does it take for a gimmick-based show to rise above its gimmick?

The same things it takes for any series to succeed, I suppose: writing that avoids cliche, strong plotting, assured performances from actors playing fully formed characters.…

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‘Agents of SHIELD’ react: A little night music

Originally posted on PopWatch:

[ew_image url=”” credit=”Justin Lubin/ABC” align=”left”]

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.has really been on a roll these past few episodes, and “The Only Light in the Darkness” was no exception. It was an episode that I had been looking forward to for awhile thanks to the inclusion of Coulson’s…

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Originally posted on PicMonkey Blog:

Pat and Kevin monogram graphic

A monogram is an elegant way to personalize paper ephemera — thank you cards, wedding table numbers, place cards, and programs — all the way to linens, clothing and barware. This basic form of personal expression has historically linked rulers to their people and loved ones to their family history. Whether traditional and elaborate or modern and minimal,…

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10 thoughts for Earth Day

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Originally posted on Where’s my backpack?:

I spent Earth Day in the best possible way, elbow deep in dirt, working the soil and sowing seeds. As I was preparing a small vegetable patch, I spotted a wild rabbit just a few feet away watching my progress with keen interest and cheeky bravado. I may have to plant a few extra lettuces just in case.

Now the light has gone and I am back indoors…

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Here’s Proof You’re More Addicted to Your Phone (and Tablet) Than Ever

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Originally posted on TIME:

If you’re constantly checking your phone despite the pleas of your mom, boss or significant other, you might just be a “ mobile addict ” — and you’re not alone.

The average mobile user only launches an app 10 times per day, but a mobile addict, as defined by analytics firm Flurry, launches them more than 60 times each day. By tabulating how often some 500,000 apps…

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The Next Samsung Galaxy Cameraphone Leaks

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Originally posted on TechCrunch:

This is allegedly the Samsung Galaxy K, the successor to the odd Galaxy S4 Zoom. The device in question sports the same faux leather casing as the Galaxy S5 and Samsung has a product launch on the books in the coming days. Chances are good this is the real deal.

The leaked specs state that this device has a 10x optical zoom paired with a 20MP sensor. A six-core…

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